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PART A. Direction: Your to choose the word or phrase the best completes the sentence.



1.         We have been running the youth camp … five years.

A.         before

B.         after

C.        since

D.        for


2.         Irene has been reading that novel…

A.         for one hour

B.         when I met her

C.        next Tuesday

D.        last Friday


3.         Could you send me the catalog to … the price?

A.         verifying

B.         verified

C.        verification

D.        verify


4.         The bigger company … the smaller one which could not survive.

A.         took over

B.         took off

C.        took out

D.        took down


5.         The package for my parents … by the courier a few days ago.

A.         was sent

B.         will be sent

C.        is being sent

D.        is sent


6.         The candidates … have submitted their application letters will have to come for an interview.

A.         who

B.         whom

C.        which

D.        whose


7.         How can you expect to get well soon if you don’t … the medicine regularly?

A.         eat

B.         chew

C.        take

D.        swallow


8.         The book is … high for he little boy to reach.

A.         enough

B.         so

C.        quite

D.        too


9.         Energy can be created from the steam of … water.

A.         cooking

B.         boiling

C.        heating

D.        running


10.       This classroom is too small. I think we need a … one.

A.         smaller

B.         bigger

C.        smallest

D.        biggest


11.       The production … promotion cost should be reduced to lower the selling price.

A.         but

B.         and

C.        yet

D.        as


12.       Waste … must be well managed to keep environment clean.

A.         refusal

B.         disposal

C.        proposal

D.        appraisal



Directions: In the next questions, each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underline parts of the sentences are marked A, B, C, D. You are to identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten. Then,


13.       The new swhich were broadcasted on TV last night was shocking.

A      B                         C                                            D

14. The builder hasn’t finishing his work yet though the time limit’s over.

A                                   B                             C       D

15.       Doctors should treat them patients politely and carefully.

A              B                                      C                 D

16.       If Tyson prepared for the fight more intensively, he would have won it.

A                                                           B        C                             D

17.       The man said that his brothers was busy with his work.

A                                B         C                     D


18.       The weather was cold so that the climbers could not reach the Jaywijaya

A        B                                                   C                         d


19.       I like to have a cup of coffee better than a cup of tea right now.

A                         B                        C                       D


20. .     Shinta would rather have Chinese food better than Mexican food.

A                                   B            C                           D



PART B. Chose either who, whom, which, or whose.


1. That is the girl _____father got an accident last week

2. Do you know Ali’s box in ___ he put his tools?

3. To ____did you give the letter yesterday ?

4. I don’t know ___will be responsible for that.

5. ____shirt do you think suitable for me, the red one or the blue one?

6. With ____did you go to Ani’s party yesterday?

7. ___book is that in the drawer of the table ?

8. I am not sure from _____the package I got this morning.

9. ____town is bigger, Semarang or Surabaya?

10. Those ___come late will be punished?


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