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"soal bahasa inggris smk"Choose A,B,C or D as the best answer !


1.  Have you heard the _____ news?

(A) last
(B) latest
(C) latter
(D) previous

2.  In summer George _____ plays tennis twice a week.

(A) usually
(B) ever
(C) often
(D) occasionally

3.  Do you know _____ foreign languages?

(A) some
(B) the
(C) any
(D) some of

4.  Did you know that the Bible _____ into 310 languages?

(A) being translated
(B) translated
(C) has been translated
(D) has translated

5.  If the weather _____ bad tomorrow, I won’t go to the beach.

(A) will
(B) will be
(C) is
(D) were

6.  I _____ my cousin for five years.

(A) don’t see
(B) saw not
(C) haven’t seen
(D) didn’t see

7.  Diana said that she ______ a house.

(A) bought
(B) will buy
(C) buy
(D) had bought

8.  He always puts _____ salt on his food.

(A) so much
(B) so many
(C) such much
(D) a lot of

9.  How much _____ to fly to London?

(A) it costs
(B) costs it
(C) does cost
(D) does it cost

10. I’m very busy at the moment. I _____ for my English exam.

(A) prepare
(B) have been preparing
(C) am preparing
(D) am going prepare

11. Olympia is one of _____ popular destinations for tourists in Greece.

(A) very
(B) most
(C) the most
(D) most of all

12. Is Ann _____ on holiday?

(A) while
(B) yet
(C) else
(D) still

13. If he _____ very well, his mother will be sad.

(A) wouldn’t study
(B) won’t study
(C) hadn’t study
(D) doesn’t study

14. When did you discover that your car _____?

(A) disappearing
(B) was disappeared
(C) had disappeared
(D) had been disappeared

15. My nephew Tom is very good _____ maths.

(A) for
(B) in
(C) at
(D) about

16. I ______ take my son to the doctor.

(A) have got to
(B) ought
(C) should to
(D) must to

17. It might rain. You’d better ______.

(A) take an umbrella
(B) to take an umbrella
(C) taking an umbrella
(D) to taking an umbrella

18. Which of you _____ to translate it for me?

(A) does want
(B) wants
(C) do want
(D) want

19. This time tomorrow _____ down the Champs-Elysees.

(A) I’ll walk
(B) I’ll be walking
(C) I’ll walking
(D) I walk

20. _____ you’ve given me!

(A) What the good advice
(B) What good advice
(C) What good advices
(D) What a good advice

21. Have you read any book _____ Mark Twain?

(A) from
(B) by
(C) since
(D) for

22.  I have played the violin ______ 1988.

(A) from
(B) about
(C) since
(D) for

23. We were talking about a friend of _____ whom we haven”t seen for years.

(A) us
(B) ours
(C) we
(D) our

24.  I’d like to know _____.

(A) where is my suitcase
(B) where it is my suitcase
(C) my suitcase is where
(D) where my suitcase is

25.  You have never been to Italy, ______?

(A) haven’t you
(B) have you
(C) isn’t it
(D) is it

26. The man …… is sitting over there is my father.

A.Who   B.Whose   C.When   D.Ø


27. The book ……. you bought yesterday is very interesting.

A.Who   B.Which   C.Whose   D.When


28. This is the place ……… I visited some years ago.

A.Where   B.When   C.That   D.Who


29. Mr. Kurniawan …….. son is my friend is presenting a paper in a seminar.

A.Who   B.What   C.That   D.Whose


30. The time …… the plane takes off and lands will be changed soon.

A.When   B.Who   C.Ø   D.That



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